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Take a Moment to Relax

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”       – Maya Angelou

relax Take a Moment to Relax

There is one thing that can affect anyone in both a positive and negative manner… Stress! Small amounts of stress provide the burst of energy needed to immediately leap out of the course of danger, but letting stress overtake our lives can destroy the mind and body. Too much stress in the long run can lead to heart problems, obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety and a number of other serious health complications. So, it’s important to manage our stress as early as possible with one simple change… Take time for ourselves!

Like most women in the modern world, I know that I try to handle the responsibilities of both work and home without enough hours in the day. The primary step to managing stress in your daily life is to make time for yourself and your own desires and needs, while keeping all your responsibilities organized and prioritized. Schedule time to do whatever may bring your own relaxation of mind and body. Allow for a meeting with friends, exercise, meditation, yoga, reading, journaling or whatever you find to be substantial… And do it on a daily basis!

Some helpful tips to managing stress:

  1. Develop a better attitude, be flexible to others and willing to solve problems openly
  2. Take a moment occasionally to relax with deep breaths, stretching, music or quiet time alone
  3. Take care of your body with nutrition, reduction of poor habits, better sleep and activity
  4. Connect with others to relieve your stress, keep happy friendships or even help the community

Treat PMS for Your Overall Well-Being

It’s not just the cramps and bloating that we all experience, but there is a need to be aware of so many more issues that can arise from hormonal changes in the menstrual cycle.

If you find yourself experiencing extreme PMS issues like depression, difficulty concentrating, irritability or loss of interest in usual activities, you may be held up in serious symptoms and need to seek treatment in order to keep from further onset of problems.

There are some simple options to help treat PMS including:

  • Calcium
  • Exercise (I know it’s hard to do when PMS ensues!)
  • Folic acid
  • Hormone-based contraceptives
  • Healthy diet

These are not the only treatment options available to help manage PMS symptoms for all of us, and there is an incredible report of all this information to be found on the site below.


woman pms Treat PMS for Your Overall Well Being

by Ohmega1982

How To Create A Healthy Relationship With Food


Sheilah M. Wilson, Conscious Eating Coach of http://SheilahMWilson.com, shares a smart tip about the difference between taking vs. receiving and how that impacts your healthy relationship with food.

“Smart Tips” is produced by Geffner Productions. Please visit http://GeffnerProductions.com to find out how to become a featured on-camera expert in your very own series of “Smart Tips” videos.

How many times have you been offered food and taken it when you really weren’t hungry, because you didn’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings, or felt obligated in some way? And when was the last time you received food graciously because you were really hungry? In today’s Smart Tips Video, I want to share with you the difference between Taking and Receiving and how that impacts your healthy relationship with food.

Taking can be defined as getting into one’s hands or into one’s possession, power, or control, as to seize or capture physically. When we take, it is a one-sided transaction lacking emotional intimacy and connection. Yes, the food may have been offered; however, the taking is not in true response to hunger.

Receiving, on the other hand, is to be given a gift, and in this case, it is a gift of food to meet the need of hunger. It is okay to say, “No thank you, I am not hungry.” Or “I’d like to take that with me for later.” It’s also okay to take a few bites of what has been offered and not feel obligated to belong to the Clean Plate Club, or feel guilty because there are still starving children in the world. We are not responsible for the other person’s feelings about our choices, especially when we are taking care of ourselves.

Taking food can be associated with the feelings being attached to the food, such as eating cake at the office celebration to satisfy the need to feel included, part of, or accepted by the group. It is never okay to eat when we are not hungry. In contrast, receiving generates gratitude because the other person is involved in meeting your healthy need to satisfy your hunger. It’s a wonderful and genuine exchange of good feelings between you and the other person. These feelings have nothing to do with the food, but everything to do with the relationship you have with the another person.

I’m Sheilah M. Wilson, Board Certified Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor. For more guidance on continuing to develop a healthy relationship with food, please visit my website, SheilahMWilson.com and sign up for my complimentary mini video series “Weight Loss Magic.” Thank you and blessings of everything good, true, and beautiful!

Mediterranean Diet May Lead to Longer, Healthier Life

There are studies showing that a Mediterranean diet is not only heart-healthy, but when followed into our 70’s provides women with a healthier, longer life.

If you want to minimize the potential for chronic diseases and maintain incredible functionality as you age, there is definitely the consideration of taking on a Mediterranean diet as middle age approaches!

Some simple key tips to the Mediterranean diet include:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Add more whole grains to your diet
  • Meat should be fish (reducing red meat)
  • Definitely reduce saturated fats!

This website offers much more information on the benefits found among women who followed this diet and were able to add amazing quality to life well into their 70’s and further, just like you can do!


food Mediterranean Diet May Lead to Longer, Healthier Life

Are juice cleanses effective or unnecessary?

Are juice cleanses effective or unnecessary? posted by Gillean Barkyoumb, MS, RDN

Gillean is a health and science writer based out of Gilbert, Arizona, specializing in topics such as nutrition, exercise, and food science. She is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from Arizona State University and currently works on the Research & Science team for a leading health and wellness company. Follow @GilleanMSRD.


Gillean Barkyoumb Are juice cleanses effective or unnecessary?

Why Women Can’t Live without Flax Seed!

happy woman Why Women Cant Live without Flax Seed!

1.Women’s Heart Health

There are two components in flaxseed that have been shown in studies to be beneficial for the heart. One is the essential fatty acid, ALA, or alpha linolenic acid. The other is contained in the lignans, which are special chemicals the plant produces. ALA prevents plaque from sticking to arterial walls, thus preventing hardening of the arteries.

2.Regulate Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is about the timed release of certain hormones in your body. Anything that interferes with these hormones and causes one or the other to be delayed, or to be released too soon, can cause irregular periods. The lignans in flaxseed regulate how hormones in the body are metabolized and can therefore help to straighten out an out-of-kilter cycle

3.Alleviate Symptoms of PMS

Rising and falling hormone levels are responsible for premenstrual syndrome. Not only do the lignans in flaxseed help to regulate your hormone levels; both the lignans and the essental fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties. So, flaxseed helps PMS symptoms in two ways: by regulating hormone levels and by reducing inflammation.

4.Menopausal Symptoms

In a study of menopausal women, it was found that taking two tablespoons of ground flaxseed reduced the incidence of hot flashes by half.

How do you eat your flax seed? Do you use the pressed oil and mix with smoothies or sprinkle the ground seeds on your food? Share with us below or on Facebook!