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The Power of Having Great Girl-friends

“Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.” – Aristotle

It’s the truth that even friendships can be the most challenging of relationships, but between women our friendships can also be the most rewarding. The female response to stress can be overwhelmingly dangerous to many areas of our physical and emotional health, and the close and open bond among a group of friends helps those women to maintain health, even as they age.

Within a friendship between women there is the complete openness and lack of restrictions that allows for release of stressors through communication with full warmth and support. At the door of the female-only space women’s voices and stories are the primary content, and there is no need to hold back due to limitations we place on ourselves in contemporary feminine rules and expectations. Open up to your friends and feel the complete ability to live as a person, not just seen as a woman!

best friends The Power of Having Great Girl friends

Women’s friendships often outlast even many of the other very valuable portions of our lives, leaving those friends to help hold us up when we are down. Friends are often there longer than husbands, jobs, lovers or even children… With the ability to turn to a group of close friends, or even simply the one closest friend, as women we still have the ability to overcome even the most devastating life events with strength, comfort and replenishment.

Still don’t have that best girl friend or maybe you’ve moved out of state and don’t see them as often?

Meetup.com is a great way to meet new friends in the area while doing something fun! (If you’re in the Northern California area we have a local She’s Next group there! )

Create Balance With Meditation

x    Are you craving balance in your life? Because I have a smart tip that’s gonna center you, ground you, and keep you calm and relaxed. A great tool that I like to use, and I like to recommend to my clients, is meditation. And meditation is great because you get to calm yourself and stay focused on your needs and really check in with yourself. I would recommend to my clients, if they’ve never done meditation before, to take 3 minutes and just try to lie down in a quiet area, closing your eyes, and breathing, relaxed and calm, and letting the visual of clouds coming in and letting your thoughts just sit on the clouds and float far away, to where you find yourself just feeling relaxed and calm and balanced. I’m Jennifer Schaefer with FindingYourPower.net and that’s my smart tip on keeping balance and grounding in your life!

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Jennifer Schaefer of www.FindingYourPower.net shares a smart tip about using meditation as a tool to create more balance in your life.

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Find Your Inner Guide

Recently featured in the New York Times Sunday Styles section as the next generation guru, motivational speaker, life coach and author Gabrielle Bernstein is making her mark. Expanding the lexicon for the next generation, Gabrielle is a #1 bestselling author of the book “Add More ~ing to Your Life”. A hip guide to happiness published by QNY.

Gabrielle was just one year out of college, when she co-founded the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network, a non-profit professional organization that connects female entrepreneurs. WEN started a local mentor program for young women, WEN Mentors, and is best known for its signature Gift of Service Exchange events. That same year, Gabrielle incorporated her own boutique public relations company, SparkPlug Communications.

In 2003 Gabrielle was the president of the Young Professionals Council for NARAL Pro Choice New York. Her brainchild event Strut Your Choice became a YPCC yearly fundraiser.

Since 2004 Gabrielle, who has a degree in theater from Syracuse University, has been on the speaking circuit. Gabrielle has presented lectures at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, Learning Annex, Seattle Center for Women in Democracy, Nobel Women, Integral Yoga, Kripalu, Universities nationwide, The Step Up Women’s Network, The Junior Leagues and other venues. She also shared her message through her regular guest spot on bestselling author Karen Salmansohn’s Sirius Radio show “Be Happy Dammit.”

In 2007, she launched the brand Falling in Love with Your Future: A Young Woman’s Guide to Passion and Happiness, which takes the form of books, life coaching, lectures and more. An integral part of the program is the emphasis on guidance and mentors. Gabrielle recently launched her social networking site www.HerFuture.com for young women to find mentors.

Access Your Real Creative Power & Genius

Hello, Im Andrea
I am a creative goddess/healer/teacher, artist and all around magic-maker.

I believe that creative magic is what makes the world go round and that creative dreams can save the world.

I have been trained and accredited as a New Thought Healing Practitioner, which I describe as “a guide, mentor and teacher in making positive change, living the life you want to be living and creating dreams come true.” I am also an Artist and Designer with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Fashion Design and 1/2 of a degree in Interior Design.

I weave the creative and the spiritual together into magic potions to help dreamers bring their dreams to life.

When Im not working: I sew and knit my own clothes. I art journal. I make amazing paper dolls and cloth dolls. I do holistic interior design. I play with makeup and am usually wearing 6 or 7 different shades of eyeshadows, glimmers and glitters. I am an adventurous traveler and explorer. And I spend quite a bit of time relaxing at the spa.

My mission is to overflow this world with dreams come true. Mine, yours, everyones.

And to fulfill my mission:

I teach in-person and online courses about everything to do with creative dreams and bringing them to life. (If youre new you can start with Creativity 101: Discover, Explore and Express your Creative Genius which is a free course sent to you via email.)

I do one-on-one creative Coaching/Healing/Magic-making sessions.

I create life-changing healing affirmative meditations.

I creative journal.

I make amazing paper dolls.

And I blog about all of it at http://www.abccreativity.com/.

Tweets @ABCcreativity