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How Femininity Changed My Life

Author of Love, Sex and Everything In-Between and founder of Eros Coaching, Dr. Martha Tara Lee is a Clinical Sexologist who conducts sexuality and intimacy coaching, and runs sexuality education events in Asia.

She is compassionate, practical, honest, interactive and solution-focused. Dr. Lee incorporates a blend of conventional and alternative approaches and draws upon a variety of styles and techniques to support each client as they work to resolve both current problems and long-standing patterns.

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Should ‘No’ be the New ‘Yes’ for Women?

Do you find yourself sometimes too often saying ‘Yes’ to more work or responsibility than you can take on? Do you end up overwhelming yourself with stress and lacking sleep? As women it is known that we all like to say ‘Yes’ maybe a little too much, just to please others.

Although ‘Yes’ can initially provide to the feeling of self-worth there are times when saying ‘No’ may be beneficial to your health and wellness. You don’t necessarily have to say ‘No’ to the people in your life, but with a positive outlook for yourself, there are things that you will benefit from in the long run from saying ‘No’ to them.

Take a quick look at the information on the site below how saying ‘no’ can eventually mean saying ‘Yes’ to you!



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Build your Self-Motivation

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” – Maya Angelou

motivated woman

Have you ever walked into the office first thing in the morning and wondered just what it took for all those executives and officers to climb the corporate ladder? Well, we are the only ones who can motivate ourselves to achieve our goals, and that takes a great deal of focus while being open to change. People who are self-motivated tend to have better organizational and time-management skills along with more self-esteem and confidence, and as Maya Angelou stated, they were not afraid of defeat in order to pursue their goals to the top!

The value of lifelong goals is their ability to build our self-motivation, and we must make those goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timed). Once we have our goals laid out we also determine what types of rewards are most fulfilling, either internal or external. Either your internal feelings or the receipt of money and other awards will be the most motivating. Be sure your career is one that is most rewarding to your goals so that you feel well-managed in your daily life with the energy you draw in and burn up.

There are some terrific self-motivating tips that may help with developing goals for your future:

  1. Be willing to leave your comfort zone, fully in the present (not everything is purely comfortable)
  2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and never quit when you experience a setback or frustration
  3. Don’t indulge in self-limiting thinking, continued development leads to the greatest success
  4. Commit yourself to happiness and joy within life, and you will live that way
  5. Train yourself to finish what you start, the next step requires completion of the previous
  6. Dare to dream big dreams, sometimes success takes risk from the beginning


Charles Dubois once said, “We must be prepared, at any moment, to sacrifice who we are for who we are capable of becoming.” So, take the risk and accomplish your dreams… You are the only one able to truly motivate yourself!

An Inspirational Video – Listen to the Whispers

Here is one of the lessons from bestselling author and speaker, Sonia Ricotti.

Sonia Ricotti, is the #1 bestselling author of Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down, as well as, The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple (also a #1 bestseller).

She is the CEO/President of Lead Out Loud Inc, a leading-edge transformational company helping people around the globe achieve boundless success in all areas of their lives. She is a top-rated professional speaker and has shared the stage with some of the most renowned personal development experts of our time. She has inspired  millions around the world, sharing her breakthrough strategies on how to overcome adversity, achieve financial abundance and extraordinary success.

Can Creativity Boost your Success?

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London

One of the most common business clichés of our time is the need to “Think Outside the Box.” Have you ever felt a double standard in the business world for both the need to follow standards and procedures, but also a requirement to think “outside the box” in order to solve unusual or overly demanding problems? You don’t have to work in a creative industry in order to make use of your ability to think creatively, but make use of the ability to look at all problems from different angles and pour out any and all ideas for solutions. Even the most responsible housewife in the world and still needs to come up with creative solutions to all sorts of life’s problems within a single day!

So, like Jack London said, we all need inspiration that will not necessarily just come to us at the exact moment we are looking for it. There are plenty of ways to go after your own creativity and inspiration when looking to solve all of these problems throughout both work and personal affairs.

Women's Success

Here are some tips to “Think Outside the Box”:

  1. Set parameters to focus your ideas (too much freedom can cause chaos!)
  2. Change your space (simple things like a shower or a walk can generate ideas and thoughts)
  3. Learn something new, anything! (A different religion, industry or book genre opens thought)
  4. Listen to others’ ideas and ask for their thoughts (even a child can present a new perspective!)
  5. Eliminate negativity in your thoughts, but be prepared for the worst case scenario in the solution
  6. Keep up your creativity with drawing, poetry, and different views of daily problems that come up

The Value of Women’s Support groups

Do you sometimes feel like you are alone in certain parts of your life? Possibly you are battling career challenges, relationship difficulties or other upsetting situations without any sort of support or network to help pull you through? Women’s support groups are all around us for this purpose. They are to pull women together for the purpose of boosting each other through troubling times and forward us through our careers and the rest of life.

Women’s support groups and networks can be used anywhere in our lives, because we need to hold each other up, and appreciate our value in all facets of life. Those realizations can be made to one another in all sorts of support groups no matter where you may find them.

Sharing is the key, and women must be able to share solutions to problems, caring and relieving support, as well as resolving professional troubles together as well!

women's support

So, take a moment to look for a network of support whenever and wherever you may be able to find it: at work, locally or online, but be ready to share and give, as well as receive support from the others there with you… It will make all the difference in the world!

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