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The word busy is not in Boot Girl Heathers vocabulary. By most standards people would run for their slippers and a couch at first-glance of her calendar! She is however, wired to be on-the-go at every turn in life and she doesnt even drink coffee! Little wonder she left the corporate world of Public Relations, mostly out of the need to become free of panty hose and the office cubicle. Who could blame her after spending most of her life on a soccer field? Containing her energy, passion for life and serving others would be a terrible waste given shes coached countless individuals to a healthy lifestyle as a personal trainer.

Heather was born in McAllen, TX and progressively migrated in a triangular fashion across the southern part of the state. A graduate of Texas A&M with a degree in Communications, Heather turned her love of fitness into a full-time job. Her fitness regime and management of Prescription Fitness in Houston even caught the attention of People Magazine.

Heather joined forces with friend and fellow Boot Girl Leigh Ann to start an event planning business in the Houston area when it became evident she still didnt understand the meaning of the word “busy”. This merger laid the foundation for her involvement in the start-up of the Boot Campaign where she is the Volunteer and Events Coordinator for the campaign; a role she shares with Boot Girl Leigh Ann of course!

Connect with Heather on Twitter @TheBootGirls

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