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x    Are you craving balance in your life? Because I have a smart tip that’s gonna center you, ground you, and keep you calm and relaxed. A great tool that I like to use, and I like to recommend to my clients, is meditation. And meditation is great because you get to calm yourself and stay focused on your needs and really check in with yourself. I would recommend to my clients, if they’ve never done meditation before, to take 3 minutes and just try to lie down in a quiet area, closing your eyes, and breathing, relaxed and calm, and letting the visual of clouds coming in and letting your thoughts just sit on the clouds and float far away, to where you find yourself just feeling relaxed and calm and balanced. I’m Jennifer Schaefer with FindingYourPower.net and that’s my smart tip on keeping balance and grounding in your life!

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Jennifer Schaefer of www.FindingYourPower.net shares a smart tip about using meditation as a tool to create more balance in your life.

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