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x     Have you ever received an email informing you that you had lost your job, or the promotion or raise you were promised did not come through? There is a better way to communicate bad news at work and I’ll explain how in today’s smart tip. If you want happy, productive employees, it is very important that you use the appropriate channel for the topic when communicating with them. It’s become much easier to send an email, a text, or a memo when communicating with employees. If you have any kind of bad news to deliver, whether it is to one person, or to the entire company, it needs to be communicated face-to-face. Employees feel you don’t care about them if you send them an email telling them their project was cancelled, they aren’t getting that vacation or raise they were expecting, or worst of all they are being downsized out of the company. Emails, texts, and memos are better suited for informing people that a meeting time has been changed or cancelled, or any other messages that are not likely to cause a strong emotional reaction. Any message that could be considered bad news or would likely upset someone should be delivered in person. Then, you can also discuss it with them, answer any questions, and alleviate their anxieties. That won’t happen in an email. I’m Dr. Patty Malone, communication speaker, corporate trainer, and professor of DrPattyMalone.com. Thanks for watching my smart tip.

Dr. Patty Malone, Communication Speaker, Corporate Trainer & Professor of http://DrPattyMalone.com, shares a smart tip about how to properly communicate bad news at work.

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