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Move Beyond Your Past

Hi, I’m Dusti Arab. I’m a student, mom, writer, and radical minimalist. I live with 60 things, write, and create every single day.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!! :-) Thanks Dusty for such a brief…yet very inspiring video.

    When you spoke about vampires…& some may even be family members…well…that hit home w/me & I was nodding my head as if to scream “THAT’S ME! THAT’S MY FAMILY, TOO!” haha

    I’ve always felt guilty for thinking that my own family doesn’t want me to TRULY succeed. They (actually, my mother) SAY they do but ACT differently when they see me pursuing MY DREAMS (i.e.: taking acting workshops…my mother always says I’m being silly & ridiculous).

    I shall KEEP this video in my Save folder of my e-mail!! Thank you so much for being so positive. :-)

    Much Love!

    April D. Means ~

    • April, Thank you for sharing your personal story, and know that you are not alone at all! Keep pursuing your goals love. It is NOT a ridiculous pursuit. Sending you love and support wherever your heart takes you. xo, Hana

  2. Thank you so much, April!

    Don’t ever feel guilty about how you feel. Those feelings don’t just appear there out of nowhere. Go you and pursuing your dream! I hope it makes you feel alive every single second. :)

  3. Love it, just love it, Dusti!! Many times, in fact, almost every day, I come across negativity directed straight at me. Whether that’s because of my lifestyle, my viewpoints, my writing, ME, something somehow someway offends someone. And we can’t let that get to us. Ever. We won’t ever be able to please everyone, nor should we. And who says we need their acceptance and approval?

    No one but ourselves can live the lives we’ve always wanted.


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