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The Keys to Success with Personal Kaizen

Aileen Mahoney is a marketing consultant with a background in sales and business development, prior to the business life, she was a performer and obtained her BFA in Theatre from NYU. Her passions include dance, theatre, classical ballet and helping others to take small steps toward living their vision. Her blog is KaizenVision.com

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Aileen! How can I learn more about Kaizen? I REALLY needed to hear this today.

    In love & light,


    • Hi Cassandra,
      Thank you for all of your thoughtful comments. You make me smile.


  2. Aileen, you were a shining light in this video and I loved your story. THANK YOU for doing the video. Thank you so much! Please do more videos. And where are you? That room with the red lush curtains is perfect. You belong on the stage and now you are on the stage of helping others reach their goals and overcome their barriers. Thank you for doing this! You have inspired me so much today.

  3. Hana, thank you for having me here on your amazing site!

    Cassandra, there is a wonderful book “One Small Step Can Change Your Life The Kaizen Way” by Robert Maurer it’s a wonderful book about how to use kaizen in your personal life. I also write about personal kaizen on my blog Kaizen Vision. Not all of us can take big epic leaps towards our goals, some of us need to take bite size steps. I hope you the kaizen way helpful in achieving your goals and dreams.

    • Thank YOU so much for sharing your inspiring story!

  4. Aileen,
    So, so awesome!! What you did in one short year – and how much you raised – a real testament to the Kaizen process and to your care and dedication!

  5. @ Farnoosh, Thank you. I’m glad you found it inspiring. This wonderful website is full of wisdom and inspiration and I’m happy to have been able to add to it.

    @ Lance, thank you. The Kaizen process is really pretty amazing. It can often feel like the steps are too small, the end result may look too far away, but those are illusions and our steady pace allows for an incredible journey and the best part is that almost nothing – is impossible.

  6. Aileen,
    You were brilliant! You have such a star quality and it really shines through on camera!
    Your wisdom in sharing Kaizen with us is amazing as was your determination in carrying out that magnificent goal!
    Raising $30K all by yourself and putting together an entire performance and producing it – unbelievable.
    I agree with Farnoosh – you must start using videos~!

  7. Aileen, it is absolutely beautiful and profoundly useful wisdom you share in this video. Your voice, your passion, your heart, your soul shine through. Simply lovely.

  8. Thank you for the book suggestion Aileen. I have made your blog my homepage so you & your posts don’t end up lost in my Inbox like the MANY others feeds and newsletters I belong to. I really feel this process could help me achieve some goals I have been struggling with for a very long time.



  9. Wow, whose a natural in front of the camera eh Aileen? I adore your point about breaking down major projects or plans into bite size chunks so as not to swamp yourself and to make it all more manageable. Bite size is the right size for me (except cocunut cream pie which must be one full huge portion!!).

  10. You did an awesome job, congratulations! Thanks for sharing your kaizen approach with us, just what I needed to hear today :)
    By the way, you’re a natural on camera!



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