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Are you frustrated by your weight loss efforts? Well today’s smart tip is: what you can measure, you can improve… so I’m going to go over the areas you should be tracking to help you with your weight loss efforts! First thing you want to make sure is that you track all of these different areas every single week. And do it the same time each week, so let’s say that you decide to do it every Monday morning. You should do this about half an hour after you wake up in the morning, make sure you use the restroom first, and don’t eat or drink anything. First thing that you’re going to track is your weight. Next thing is to track your body fat, and if you can, get yourself a Tanita Body Fat Scale, and track both your body fat overall, and also your visceral body fat or truncal body fat – that’s the area that you really want to see changing, because that is the deadly fat, the fat around your trunk. Another way that you can measure that fat around your waist is to take a waist measurement. So every week you also want to take a waist measurement, right around the belly button, hip bone area, and a hip measurement. And the way you take a hip measurement is to put your feet together and measure your hips at the widest point. And then make sure you track these every single week. And keep one sheet where you track everything. I’m JJ Virgin of JJVirgin.com and that’s today’s smart tip!

Nutrition & Fitness Expert JJ Virgin of www.JJVirgin.com shares a smart tip about 4 ways to track your weekly weight loss efforts & results.

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